Commonwealth Recycling Services was started eight years ago as a family run  recycling business. We started out collecting plastics, paper, cardboard, steel &  aluminum cans, and offered a cardboard pickup service.  We are currently still  recycling these items and continue to offer a cardboard pick up service.

 In November of 2008, Commonwealth Recycling Services became Commonwealth  Compost & Recycling Services, with the goal of adding a state-of-the-art compost

 facility to our operations and to compost the organic component of waste  streams.

 On July 15, 2013, Commonwealth Compost & Recycling Services, Inc. (CCRSI)  became a  registered Virginia corporation.

 On April 1, 2014, CCRSI became a  certified small business by the Virginia  Department of Minority Business Enterprise  (SWAM)

 On May 1st 2014, CCRSI received a  Permit-By-Rule to operate a Solid Waste  Management Facility from the Virginia  Department of Environmental Quality.

 CCRSI plans to offer local businesses an alternative to their current solid waste  management practices for vegetative and food wastes. We intend to recycle and  compost, pre and post-consumer food waste.


 We have purchased a state-of-the-art In-Vessel Rotating Drum Composting  system. This System is the first Commercial In-Vessel Composter in the  State  of  Virginia.

 The composting vessel fast forwards the composting process and, in three to four  days, decomposes raw organic waste into compost that is 75 percent mature.  The  resulting compost will be a high quality product with tremendous nutrient and  soil  conditioning properties.  

  Our goal is to provide environmental and economic benefits to local businesses and a high quaility beneficial product.

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